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Charge Dropped Against Lawmaker Accused Of Getting Spliffed Before Steelers Game

"That was, like, totally righteous, lawyer dude!"

Pennsylvania state representative Paul Costa probably let out a huge sigh of relief – kind of like a person exhaling after a huge bong rip – after pot charges were dropped against him stemming from an incident in a parking lot of a restaurant before a Steelers game. Police accused Costa of passing a joint to another man before the October 3rd Steelers-Ravens game at Heinz Field. Instead, Costa was fined $50 and must pay $137 in court costs after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct. According to the plea agreement, a charge of prohibited conduct in connection with a citation for suspicion of marijuana possession was dropped in a hearing which took less than a minute.

Via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Mr. Costa’s attorney, Phil DiLucente, said that such an agreement is typical of cases like this. Questioned after the hearing, he would not confirm that Mr. Costa did anything disorderly, saying only the plea was the result of negotiations with prosecutors and police.

Mr. DiLucente said that Mr. Costa agreed to the plea so “this man, who has served his district well, can just get on with his life. This has cost Mr. Costa and his family time and expense.”

Fair enough. A consistent administration of justice, to be sure. We don’t need to throw the book at someone who might or might not have had partook in a puff-puff-give routine before a football game. Nevertheless, my favorite part of the story is the little nug below from the AP report:

DiLucente had previously denied Costa smoked marijuana, saying the lawmaker “detests” the drug.

Ha. Yeah, right. Costa should have just went with the “I didn’t inhale” defense. Much simpler. And more believable. I mean, who actually “detests” marijuana these days? You know, other than the alcohol companies.

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