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Be Sure To Use The Preferred Nomenclature If A Chinaman Pees On This Big Lebowski Rug

Far out, man. For the modest and reasonable price of $300, you can own this fine piece of craftsmanship inspired by The Big Lebowski. Ladies and gentlemen: The Duddha Rug. This fine piece of home decor can be purcahsed at Bill Green Design and Illustration, but I would act fast. While it is readily apparent that this Bill Green fella is a skilled artisan, I heard he can be a real reactionary when it comes to demand for his products.

An apt description, courtesy of Uncrate (via RandBall):

Looking for something that will really tie the room together? Throw down a Duddha Rug ($300). This 3 x 5, Lebowski-inspired home furnishing features an image of The Dude as Buddha in the center, surrounded by circular pattern of symbols from the movie — including bowling pins, pot leaves, viking helmets, toilets, scissors, and guns — all framed by the letters “DUDE” in the four corners. Groovy.

I’m sorry, that rug is beyond awesome. If I ever walked into someone’s home and saw that bad boy on the floor, I would instantly know I have met a kindred spirit. And if it so happens that this rug fulfills its urinary destiny and is micturated upon, don’t come crying to me asking for compensation. Not that I would ever do such a thing. I may be an uncivilized miscreant, but at least I’m housebroken. Dude.

[H/T Randball]