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Apparently, Andy Roddick Can Be Easily Distracted

Who knew tennis players were as big of babies as golfers? Oh yeah, that’s right – we all did.

Andy Roddick lost to Tomas Berdych 7-5, 6-3 at the ATP World Tour Finals earlier today, but he did not lose because of his poor play. No, no, no. He lost because of the intoxicating blinking of some ads at his eye level.

Roddick was at his temperamental best: slamming and breaking his racket, firing balls straight up into the air and being the general petulant American brat tennis fans have come to know and love.

Here’s how his temper tantrum played out, via an AP report:

That’s when he let it all out.

First, he whacked a ball high into the rafters—it eventually landed only three rows from the top of the lower section of the O2 Arena. Then, when he was walking back to his chair for the changeover, he smashed his racket against his foot and drew a code violation from the chair umpire.

“The neons in the back weren’t quite to the settled position. They were still advertising fun stuff,” said Roddick, who dropped to 0-2 at the round-robin tournament for the top eight players in the world. “When you’re trying to track a ball, it’s kind of neon lights and stuff. Then Tomas noticed it. A couple of them just went out before we played a point.”

The match finished with the lights off.

Interesting. Lights out, eh? I would speculate that, considering his unbelievably gorgeous wife, Brooklyn Decker, if he can be that easily distracted and thrown off by some flashing, flickering lights, he might be well served to do other things with the lights out as well. You know, to avoid the two pump and dump routine.

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