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Video: Ohio State To Honor 1942 Team By Wearing Themed (But Ugly) Uniforms

The Ohio State University will be honoring the Buckeyes’ 1942 national championship team this coming Saturday when they play their fiercest rival, Michigan at the Horseshoe in Columbus by wearing specially-designed Nike Pro Combat uniforms. And if you ask me, there is no better way for OSU to pay homage to the successes of the past and to honor longstanding tradition than by wearing uniforms that look like they are from fifty years in the future, let alone resemble anything the 1942 team wore. The genius is in its lack of making any sense whatsoever.


The uniforms are intended to honor the 1942 national champion Ohio State team, with “1942” written on the gloves and a bronze star on the back of the helmet to honor the service of team captain Charles Csuri, who was recognized for his heroism in the Battle of the Bulge, and other Buckeyes from that team who went off to World War II.

Several members of the 1942 team will be at Saturday’s game and help form the tunnel when players run onto the field.

“The 1942 team was just an unbelievable group of guys to be able to go and win a national title and then say ‘I’m going to defend our country,'” senior defensive tackle Dexter Larimore said. “To be able to represent them is almost a higher task than what’s been put ahead of us in football. That group of guys were just unbelievable human beings.”

Indeed they were. And thankfully, Ohio State will pay tribute to them by wearing these atrocious uniforms. Tradition and sense of history be damned, I say.

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