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If A Steelers Player Comes Down With The Herp, At Least We’ll Know Who’s Responsible

Ahh, I’m just kidding around. There has never been one documented outbreak of The Herp in any locker room which can be directly attributed and traced to the presence of jersey chaser Alyssa Milano. Some crabs, sure, but not The Herp.

Okay, okay, I’m kidding again. Now I’m just being mean to the actress. But still, you have to wonder if the lovely Miss Milano has perhaps set her eyes on a Steelers player, given her presence in Pittsburgh last Sunday to attend the Steelers-Raiders game with two of her cousins. You just never know with that gal. I just hope she wasn’t planning on hooking up with Jeff Reed, as that ship has sadly sailed. And with Reed as the captain, my guess is that ship’s likely course is a direct route to some port in Jamaica so Party Brah can get some much needed R & R at the Hedonism II resort. Just a hunch.

[H/T Busted Coverage]