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Chad Ochocinco: Huge Fan Of Mark Sanchez Due To Their Shared Cultural Heritage

Despite playing for a terrible team with an atrocious 2-8 record, Chad Ochocinco remains a compelling character, always ready with an amusing, entertaining quote. To wit: during his conference call with New York media – the Bengals play the Jets on Thursday night – Ochocinco professed his admiration for several Jets players, including Darrelle Revis and Santonio Holmes. But he saved his highest praise for Jets QB Mark Sanchez, you know, because they’re both Mexican. Duh.

Via ESPN New York:

“What do you mean? We’re both Mexican. Of course he’s exciting,” said Ochocinco, formerly Chad Johnson. “That’s my carnale. He’s good, man. He’s good. To be able to come into that atmosphere, that environment in New York, the monster that the media is there, to be successful, to be able to carry that weight on his shoulders … he’s handling it perfect. He’s handling it really, really well.”

¡Magnifico! If only Ochocinco could be as impressive – as well as dedicated – on the football field as he appears to be in keeping character while performing his court jester routine in front of the media. Now that would be something to see.

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