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Yeah, It’s A Good Gig To Be Mike Comrie: Fame, Fortune, Wife Hilary Duff Sexting Him

Yep. Not a bad gig if you can get it. Newlyweds Mike Comrie, center for the Pittsburgh Penguins, and Hilary Duff, um, actress, are apparently still in the honeymoon period of their marriage. Wed on August 14th, Duff and Comrie are still clearly head over heels for each other, much as they were the weekend Comrie presented Duff with a $1 million engagement ring in Hawaii, which Duff was clearly “blown away” by, as evidenced by the above photo of her expressing her appreciation for her then-fiance’s jewelry-buying acumen.

Now comes news that Hilary likes to keep things fresh and exciting while her husband is on the road by “sexting” him. Yep, Hilary Duff sends sexually provocative photos of herself to her husband. Life is so unfair. Duff admitted to engaging in this risque act during an appearance on “The Billy Bush Show.”

From aceshowbiz (via Puck Daddy):

“Oh my God, you’re going to get me in trouble,” blushing Hilary said as the show’s host asked whether or not she ever sent racy pictures of herself to Mike. The “Beauty & the Briefcase” actress, however, has a way not to get caught, stating “Never with my face in it!”

Quizzed further on why she did those risque acts, Hilary explained, “We got to be fun. We got to keep (our marriage) interesting, you know?” On possibility that her hubby Mike might forward them to other people, the “What Goes Up” star quickly responded, “No, no, no, no. He better know better!”

Hummina hummina. Video of Duff’s appearance follows.

Me likey. And quite the charming WAG, wouldn’t you agree? Yet, while sexting her husband is an incredibly sexy thing to do – which I imagine is a much appreciated perk for Comrie – these sort of sexual shenanigans are fraught with risk. I hope these two lovebirds are extremely careful with those photos. Actually, who am I kidding? Let’s hope Comrie somehow misplaces his cell phone, laptop, or wherever he is storing these steamy pics. I’m sure it would cause a noticeable boost to Duff’s buzz factor. At least among the internet pervert population, and hey, those people spend money, too, right?

Video: Hilary Duff Admits She’s Sexting Hubby Mike Comrie [aceshowbiz (via Puck Daddy)]