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S.O.B.’s Scrum-Diddily-Icious NFL Weekend Preview Sponsored By T.G.I. Friday’s

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It’s hard to believe, but we are already at Week 11 in the NFL season. Where have the days, weeks and months gone? For some teams (and their respective fans), the fact that the calendar will soon be rolling over to December means that it’s high time to get revved up for a possible  postseason run; while for others, it means the season is nearing its merciful end and they shift their focus and begin to look forward to an offseason during which their team can improve their sorry lot in life via the draft and free agency.

Or there could be a lockout (GAH!), which would mean either no 2011 season or a truncated version of one. But that’s kooky talk, something we should never speak of again. Instead, let us instead look forward to a bright future for the NFL in the upcoming calendar year, but before that, how about we take a gander at a few of the more compelling matchups headed our way this weekend? Sounds good to me.

Indianapolis Colts (6-3) at New England Patriots (7-2)
Gillette Stadium
CBS (4:15 ET)

With the Colts holding on to first place in the AFC South by the slimmest of margins over the Titans and Jaguars, the Patriots in a tie in the AFC East with the Jets and both teams jockeying for position in the ultra-competitive conference standings, this game has taken on an even greater significance than the usual battles between the two squads. Usually a quick starting team, the Colts have had to struggle their way through the first half-plus of the season but appear to have things on the right track heading into the home stretch. Meanwhile, the Patriots appear to be hitting their stride, overcoming the distraction and subsequent trade of Randy Moss, evidenced by their beatdown of the Steelers last week. The well-coiffed Tom Brady was one fired up S.O.B. last weekend and we should expect to see some more fireworks out of the QB in this huge matchup.

Weed’s Call: The friendly confines of Gillette Stadium serve the Patriots well and Peyton Manning busts out his angry and frustrated caveman face on the sidelines: Patriots 34, Colts 23.

New York Giants (6-3) at Philadelphia Eagles (6-3)
Lincoln Financial Field
NBC (8:20 ET)

The East Coast Bias game to end all East Coast, um, biases pits the Giants against the Eagles, the outcome of which will determine first place in the NFC East. The Giants are coming off a thrashing by the Dallas Cowboys last Sunday night (how about that Jason Garrett? He’s like, super serious and stuff), an outcome which may have put a dent in their previously even-keeled confidence (as well as the New York Post’s)The Eagles, on the other hand, seem to have good fortune on their side, because despite Andy Reid’s oft-questioned coaching acumen and his early season indecisiveness regarding who should be his starting quarterback, as fate has smiled upon the team with the mind-blowing performance of Michael Vick. We haven’t seen a resurrection like this come along since Jesus. Or, if that’s not your bag, John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, if you’re more into the whole Scientology thing.

Weed’s Call: Michael Vick and company roll 28-14 and Tom Coughlin ends up as red-faced as he was during the 2008 NFC Championship Game at Lambeau Field, only this time it will be from anger instead of near-fatal frostbite. Yowsers.

Green Bay Packers (6-3) at Minnesota Vikings (3-6)
Mall of America Field
FOX (1:00 ET)

This will be the 100th meeting between the rivals and as expected, the wins and losses have been nearly split down the middle through its storied history (the Packers hold a slight edge, 50 wins, 48 losses, 1 tie).  The Packers need a win to keep pace with the Bears – who beat the Dolphins last night – in the NFC North, but perhaps even more gratifying for the Packers and the Cheeseheads would be to bruise and batter Brett Favre into oblivion (or early retirement) and effectively put a nail in the Vikings’ coffin far earlier than anticipated, if it isn’t finished already. You know, as opposed to some time in the playoffs, courtesy of Favreian interception. Sigh. And guess what? I will be at Mall of America field to watch the carnage. And as a lifelong Vikings fan, all I can really say is, um, yay?

Weed’s Call: Pardon the homerism, but I have to go with the Vikings in this one in a squeaker, 24-23. Let’s call Brett Favre’s Last Hurrah. Not that it will mean anything. Packers go on and win the North, Favre retires, Childress gets canned, Giants diehard fan Zygi Wilf brings in Bill Parcells (fingers crossed!) and all is right in Vikings Land. Until they screw the pooch again. Sigh.

Enjoy the games, everyone.