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Burn! Kevin Garnett On Charlie Villanueva: ‘I’m Not Speaking To Nobodies These Days’

Kevin Garnett may not be “speaking to nobodies these days,” he sure seems to relish the opportunity, when asked, to talk about nobodies, as evidenced by his comments on WEEI in Boston regarding the kerfuffle between the Celtics loudmouthed forward and Pistons forward Charlie Villanueva. As you may recall, Villanueva reported on some allegedly inappropriate trash he was on the receiving end of from Kevin Garnett earlier this month by takin’ it to the tweets, accusing KG of referring to him as a “cancer patient”. KG came back with a pathetically weak defense, claiming that he instead said the following: “You are cancerous to your team and our league.” Ha. Right.

Anyhoo, Garnett was back on the offensive yesterday, courtesy of sports talk radio (via Sporting News):

“First off, the false statement which he was citing,” Garnett said. “Dude knew what I said to him. I’m not going to get back into it and bring it up, because you know what? I’m not speaking to nobodies these days.

“It was just one thing that I had to deal with that day. We all have to deal with different things every day. I had to pile that on to my list to deal with.”

Jeez, who knew Kevin Garnett had such a hard knock life? Apparently, on this particularly challenging day, he had to deal with not one, presumably not even two, but many different things that day. I don’t know how the guy gets out of bed in the morning with so much stuff on his plate.

But here’s my question about KG’s comments. When he says “nobodies,” is he insinuating that Charlie Villanueva is a nobody and that he is not speaking to those of his ilk anymore? As in, he will reserve his trash talking only when interacting on the court with somebodies? And how does he decide who are nobodies and who are somebodies? Are nobodies people who will fire back at him or call him on it and somebodies are those players who will turn the other cheek, so to speak, and tolerate his verbal abuse? Nobodies, somebodies, it’s all so confusing. Is there anybodies out there who can help me sort this out?

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