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Well, Blow Me Down: Vuvuzelas Banned At Harvard-Yale Game

Unbelievable. When are the students of Harvard and Yale ever going to catch a break?

Sadly, it will not be this coming weekend, when the Yale and Harvard football teams face each other in Cambridge, Massachusetts for the 127th time in its long-running and overrated rivalry, famously known as “The Game.” You see, despite a campaign initiated by two Harvard students called Silence Yale (via the movement’s Facebook page: “We all know what Yale sounds like: failure. During the upcoming Game, Cambridge cannot afford to endure the noise pollution produced by so many whining Harvard rejects” – some 2,000 vuvuzelas which have been previously sold to Harvard fans will not be allowed into the stadium as they have been unceremoniously banned, courtesy of a knee-jerk decision handed down by Harvard administrators (via the New York Daily News):

“In keeping with Department of Athletics’ commitment to conduct athletic contests in a manner that promotes good sportsmanship, artificial noisemakers will not be permitted inside the ticketed footprint of Harvard Stadium,” wrote Associate Director of Athletics Timothy Wheaton in a statement on Tuesday.”

Harsh. Not to be outdone, Yale students produced 300 vuvuzelas emblazoned with the phrase “Harvard Blows,” but unfortunately, all we be for naught due to the ban. Now, instead of the stadium being overrun by the irritating noise emanating from vuvuzelas, the noise pollution instead will be the incessant drone of WASP-y snobs blathering on and on about trust funds, the Ivy League and whatever the hell else rich people talk about at football games. Grey Poupon for their hot dogs, maybe? I don’t know.

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