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Wake N’ Blog: Preschoolers Be Smoking Crack (Or At Least Carrying It In Their Shoe)

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• Actually, it is only one preschooler who was discovered to have crack in his shoe, but that’s still something, right? A three-year-old girl in Boston complained about her foot hurting and when she removed her shoe, 17 bags of crack were found in it. Turns out the crack belonged to a friend of the girl’s mother. Yeesh. [azcentral]

• FOX will be the broadcast home of the first six Big Ten Championship games. [Awful Announcing]

• Shocker: The brittle Greg Oden to have microfracture surgery and is out for the season. [The Last Angry Fan]

• The NCAA has stated it has no plans to expand past current 68-team field. At least until they have plans to expand past the current 68-team field. [Larry Brown Sports]

• Frank Deford, God love ’em, has equated the wrong ball football trick which has turned into a YouTube favorite to child abuse. [Out of Bounds]

• Ha. Clyde Drexler thinks Kyle Korver looks like Ashton Kutcher. [That NBA Lottery Pick]

• Ladies and gentlemen, Felix Hernandez as Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction. [Tirico Suave]

• Tiger Woods to appear on Mike & Mike this morning. [Wei Under Par]

• Ha, again: this guy plays for Duke. [straitpinkie]

• Shannon Brown is looking for a new nickname. Here are some suggestions. [The Basketball Jones]

• Gourmet Spud’s reflections: “After His Fourth Tour, The Pressures of Paintball Became Too Much for Gordon to Bear” [Food Court Lunch]

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