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Talk About An Awkward Thanksgiving: Flames GM Darryl Sutter Trades Son Brett

All I hope is there isn’t an argument over the last turkey drumstick. You know how hockey players can get…

Hopefully, the Sutters can keep their respective business and personal lives separate if the family does in fact sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, as the Flames GM has traded his son Brett and defenseman Ian White to the Carolina Hurricanes for winger Tom Kostopoulos and defenceman Anton Babchuk.

While the trade came within a week of Brett being charged with assault stemming from an incident at an Arizona bar, the Flames insist that the trade talks were ongoing well before the alleged scuffle, according to Flames assistant GM Jay Feaster (via TSN):

“This discussion took place going back to the end of October, beginning of November,” Feaster said on a conference call. “He was a player that Carolina identified as someone that they wanted in the deal. So it evolved from there.”

Sutter was expendable, having been recently assigned to the American Hockey League after being a healthy scratch  in 12 consecutive games prior to the demotion, so the trade made sense from a business standpoint, but it must have been awkward for the Sutters from a familial perspective. Obviously, Papa Sutter understands that business is business.

“One of the things that Darryl has always prided himself on is being able to separate out the personal relationship and the business aspect of what it is that we do,” said Feaster. “We were in a situation where Brett was not playing, he was not able to crack the starting lineup and hadn’t played in an extended period of time. …

“It was a decision that was made … in the best interest of the hockey club.”

Hopefully, there will be no hard feelings between father and son. At the very least, it would be nice for them to figure out a way to have a harmonious holiday season. I guess staying out of Arizona bars would be a good start and lets hope Darryl doesn’t try to trade Brett to the other team in the annual Sutter Family Turkey Bowl football game. That would be awkward indeed.