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Joe Paterno Damn Near Crapped His Pants When He Heard About This Latest Honor

Well, to be perfectly honest, I cannot say for certain that JoePa nearly pooped his pants when he heard about the U.S. House Resolution which was passed on Wednesday commemorating his 400th win two weeks ago over Northwestern, nor would it be responsible to speculate that if he had in fact defecated in his pants that the news would have been the cause of it. Because he’s old, and old people jokes never get, um, old.

Moving on, via ESPN/AP:

Pennsylvania Congressman Glenn Thompson sponsored the resolution. He says it was appropriate to express support not only for Paterno’s record, but the coach’s overall achievements on and off the field.

Thompson’s district encompasses State College. Thirty-one representatives also signed on as co-sponsors, including Pennsylvania’s 18 other U.S. House members.

Oh, I see how it is: this is simply yet another demonstration of the sycophantic behavior typical of today’s modern politician. All this Thompson fellow is doing is attempting to further ingratiate himself to his constituents by wasting valuable government time and dollars. What’s up next for this Thompson fellow? Sponsoring a resolution granting diplomatic immunity to Penn State mascots? The times, my friends, they are a-changin’.

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