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Awwww, Yeah: Chris Bosh Says The Heat Are Just A Bunch Of Barrys & LeVons At Heart

No, not LeBron, LeVon, as in Barry Sagittarius’ partner in crime in pudding-related sensuality. $240 worth of pudding, that is.  Awww, yeah.

After exploding for a season-high 35 points last night, Chris Bosh, the metaphorical Fifth Beatle on the Miami Heat triumvirate (yes, I understand that you can’t be the fifth member of a group which has only three members, but work with me),  waxed eloquently during an interview with ESPN’s Heather Cox regarding the differences in opinion which can be found between how Heat coach Erik Spoelstra likes to approach to practice and how he and his teammates would prefer them to go.

From ESPN (via Larry Brown Sports):

Heather Cox: Coach Spoelstra said over the last three days it’s been like training camp, really taken you guys back to the beginning. What was the biggest message he sent during those three days of hard practices?

Chris Bosh: The practice — we got back to getting after it again. I guess he felt that he was loosening it up just a little bit too much and he knows that he has to meet us half way. He wants to work, we want to chill, but we’re going to have to work in order to get everything down and get our timing down and get our chemistry down.

In other words, what Chris Bosh and company would prefer to do is go out on the court every night, cook, and then they chill. Awww, yeah.

But I know what you’re thinking, Chris and LeBron (and Dwyane), how do you expect to compete every night by only cooking during games and then chilling?

Shhhhh…don’t worry your pretty little head about it. It ain’t your concern.

For those of you out there uninitiated in the splendor that was The State, Barry & LeVon goodness follows.

Now excuse me while I kiss the sky.

Chris Bosh Blows Up for 35 Points Against Suns, Wants to Chill [Larry Brown Sports]