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Wake N’ Blog: Makes Sense That A Lawyer Nicknamed ‘Cowboy Bob’ Would Take On A Horse Rape Case

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• After Eric Easley was charged with animal cruelty for allegedly sexually assaulting a miniature horse, he went out and got the best attorney in the business to represent him – or at least the best attorney who know how to handle messy cases involving sexual mistreatment of an animal: “Cowboy” Bob Clark. Here’s what Cowboy Bob had to say on Tuesday regarding the case, riffing on the old “You can indict a ham sandwich” adage in his own unique cowboy way: “”You can accuse a bishop in Boston of bastardy, but that don’t mean he did anything. You can get a ham sandwich and indict it, but that don’t mean the ham sandwich was guilty of anything, except being a bad ham sandwich.” Very true, but did the ham sandwich bang a horse? That’s the question. [MSNBC]

• So, the contract that the Redskins gave Donovan McNabb isn’t as godawful as originally believed. [Larry Brown Sports]

• My pal PUNTE takes a moment to give thanks…for once. [With Leather]

• Michigan State might be taking on North Carolina in a basketball game on an aircraft carrier? Wha? [Detroit4Lyfe]

• Yeah, someone’s probably going to die at the Illinois-Northwestern game at Wrigley Field. [Busted Coverage]

• Time for this week’s mascot power rankings. [Out of Bounds]

• That Fake Andy Reid in the stands on Monday night? He’s got his own YouTube account. [The700Level]

• Cute video of a kid dancing at the Kentucky-Vanderbilt football game. [Bob’s Blitz]

• Not surprisingly, the four remaining Mets managerial candidates fail to inspire or capture the imagination of Mets fans. [The Legend of Cecilio Guante]

• This is exactly why you don’t go to eat at Denny’s in Oakland. [Ted Williams Head]

• Denzel Washington’s wife got jacked up at her son’s UFL game. [Outside the Boxscore]

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