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That’s Turrible: No ‘Definitive Plans’ To Use Charles Barkley During NCAA Tourney

Despite initial reports to the contrary which were flying around all over the internets yesterday, CBS and Turner Sports have reportedly no firm plans in place to use Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Marv Albert, or any other NBA on TNT broadcasters during its coverage of the 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Via Sports Media Watch:

The Associated Press reported on Tuesday that Turner would use Albert, Smith and Barkley on its NCAA Tournament coverage in March. According to the report, CBS and Turner executives confirmed that the announcers would be part of the coverage.

However, Sports Media Watch learned on Wednesday that nothing is definitely in place for the network’s coverage of the NCAA Tournament.

What the fungus? If you had Charles Barkley in your arsenal of announcers, which Turner Sports does, it would be ridiculous not to utilize his considerable broadcasting talents? Not doing so would be about as silly as going to Taco Bell and not getting yourself one of those delectably delicious $5 Buck Boxes. Ain’t that right, Sir Charles?

Turner Has No Definitive Plans To Use Barkley, Smith, Albert, on NCAA Tournament [Sports Media Watch]