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Sexy Cheer Squads At Beach Volleyball Matches Flustering Players At Asian Games

Bikini-clad cheerleaders have caused a sexy controversy at the Asian Games after a player for the Yemeni beach volleyball team claimed the comely gals were a distraction, ultimately blaming a loss to Indonesia on the volleyball vixens. Ha. Now that’s an excuse I can get behind.

Said Yemen beach volleyballer Adeeb Mahfoudh to the Tianfu Morning News, a newspaper I read every day (via

“They had an effect on how we played. I think they had something to do with our losing the match.”

I bet they did, Adeeb, I bet they did. Despite losing, Mahfoudh was nevertheless enchanted by the girls, one of four cheerleader squads, each comprised of eight girls in swimsuits who have been hired to provide entertainment and of course, raise spirits.

“These girls are very beautiful. With them here, more people will pay attention to beach volleyball,” smiled Mahfoudh.

“If I can, I hope to watch them perform at the next match.”

Now, that’s a much better plan. Try to ignore the girls while playing and then focus on their sexy, cheery ways afterward. Too bad Mahfoudh learned that lesson the hard way. I guess you could competitors like Mahfoudh, instead of giving 100% effort by going to the sand to dig one out, were much more focused on getting back to the locker room ASAP to rub one out.

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