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Not Being A Fat Slob Anymore Has Negatively Affected John Daly’s Putting

While being good for his overall health, John Daly’s dramatic weight loss has unfortunately had an ill-effect on one aspect of his life intricately interwoven into the well-being of his overall golf game: his putting stroke.

Daly, who had ballooned to 322 pounds before undergoing surgery and fitted with an gastric band in February of 2009, has dropped an amazing 126 pounds over the past 18 months. Daly is now a svelte 196 pounds and the lack of fat around his middle, previously zones has caused a disturbance relating to the performance of his putter.

Via FOX Sports:

“The biggest problem has been the putter — I have nowhere to put my elbows,” Daly explained. “I used to be able to put my elbows right on my love handles and that was pretty good. Now they are all over the place.”

Boy, I know how that goes. That’s why I have made the difficult decision to not lose any weight. And believe me, I am fully committed to this remaining plump for putting plan. Here’s the deal: my skills on the course are shaky enough as it is without making a change that could prove detrimental to my already hacky, horrid golf game. I don’t need to be all skinny and healthy and end up being an ever crappier golfer, thank you very much.And I guess that it’s true, the extra weight around the midsection – a flabby center of gravity, if you will – really can provide some much needed stability when standing over a putt. And the next one. And, sigh, the next one.

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