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Are You A H.S. Football Coach Out Of Ideas? Get Yourself A Free Kenny Chesney DVD!

In light of the news that Kenny Chesney is donating 10,000 copies of his documentary, The Boys of Fall, on DVD to high school coaches around the country, it becomes perfectly clear that when it comes to doing good deeds in the service of sweaty young men, Kenny Chesney is most certainly a top. I mean, the tops. What I’m getting at is the fact that Chesney believes that his documentary could help inspire young men and teach them that through hard work and putting their nose to the grindstone, they too can rise from the power bottom and work their way to being on top, right where they belong…as long as they are comfortable with that, but only if they commit to the concept of  teamwork by getting behind their teammates and pushing. Hard.

Ah hell, I’ve done enough damage already. I could go on, but instead, here’s the press release announcing Chesney’s charitable side, via his official site:

In an effort to inspire young athletes both on and off the field, Kenny Chesney is offering a free DVD copy of ‘Boys of Fall,’ his 90-minute documentary about the lasting, positive impact high school football has on players throughout their lives, to high schools and high school football coaches around the US.

In the documentary, Chesney interviews dozens of football’s most successful commentators, coaches and players, including Joe Namath, Peyton Manning, Tony Dungy and Nick Saban, but the focus of the film is truly on life lessons learned by all who participate, not just those who go on to future football success.

“Kenny played high school football, and he feels the lessons learned on the field like hard work, humility and trust are carried over into everyday life,” says Chesney’s manager Clint Higham. “He wants to help inspire future generations with the same passion he feels.”

Sounds great. No, really. I bet Chesney feels if he can touch one young man they way Peyton Manning has touched him on numerous occasions, the donation of 10,000 DVDs will be quite rewarding. And hey, I bet it will be a lot easier than faking his way through a loveless “marriage” to  Renee Zellweger.