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Wake N’ Blog: Free Beer For Some, Miniature Australian Flags For Others

Wake N’ Blog is the Sportress of Blogitude’s morning link dump, returning after a one-day hiatus – along with the rest of the site – due to some unforeseen scheduling conflicts and appointments outside of the office. Miss me? Yeah, I’m sure you did. Send tips, link submissions, etc. to

• Actually, the above headline should read, “Free Beer for All, Who Gives A Rip About Miniature Australian Flags,” especially after the announcement that Australian brewer VB will give out one free beer to every Australian adult if the Aussies manage to beat England in the upcoming Ashes cricket Tests on November 25th. [Yahoo!/AFP]

• Mark Cuban, like pretty much everyone else, is positively thrilled about the Miami Heat’s early season struggles. [Larry Brown Sports]

• Speaking of the Heat, LeBron James is one of 25 finalists for TIME magazine’s “Person of the Year.” Yep. [That NBA Lottery Pick]

• Lou Holtz can be an angry old curmudgeon. [Awful Announcing]

• The Big Ten as characters from South Park‘s “Coon and Friends.” [Rumors & Rants]

• Michael Phelps? Yeah, he’s doing alright. [With Leather]

• Here’s what happens when bulls try doing the Lambeau Leap. [Out of Bounds]

• These guys told you months ago that the New Meadowlands sucks. Pay attention next time. [Bob’s Blitz]

• Antonio Margarito’s swollen eye speaks! [TAUNTR]

• The top 10 takeaways from Philly’s beatdown of Washington last night. [Five Tool Tool]

• The evolution of Donovan McNabb’s contract extension in pictures. [TheWizWit]

• Shocking: Terrell Owens took a shot at McNabb’s new contract on Twitter. [Sharapova’s Thigh]

The Onion Headline of the Day: Careless Blazers Goofing Around With Basketball Shatter Greg Oden Into Thousand Pieces