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Should Have Went In His Pants Like Joe Pa: PSU RB Silas Redd Popped For Public Pee Pee

You know, because Joe Paterno is old and probably pees his pants a lot. It’s funny, you see, because making fun of an elderly man’s supposed inability to control his bladder is, while heartless, a humorous take on ageism at its best. Or worst. Depending on whether or not you happen to be in close proximity to said pants pee-er.

Be that as it may, freshman running back Silas Redd found himself in a bit of trouble early Sunday morning when he was allegedly caught urinating near the Agriculture Engineering building by Penn State campus police at approximately 4:13 a.m. Redd was briefly detained and cited for public urination and if his case goes similar to how other public peeing cases go, will likely only be fined and be allowed to “go” on his way, although Coach Paterno has not ruled out punishing Redd himself for the running back’s impromptu potty break via some sort of team discipline. And given that in 2007, Paterno had the entire football team clean Beaver Stadium after every home game due to some Penn State players running afoul of the law, there’s no telling what JoePa might have this kid do to pay penance for his urinary sins. Or peenance, I suppose, since up to this point, I had not yet reached the recommended daily allotment for urine pun jokes. Or perhaps I had. It’s tough to stop making them once you break the seal.

PSU’s Redd cited for public urination []