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Prepare To Be Terrified: Euro 2012 Mascots Unveiled In All Their Nightmare Fuel Glory

GAH! Good gracious, those are two frightening-ass mascots. And here we thought Wenlock and Mandeville, the mascots for the London Olympics, were haunting enough, capable of feasting upon your very soul. Apparently, we hadn’t seen nothing yet. These two nightmarish creations are perhaps even more sinister and terrifying than those cycloptic beasts. I don’t know, it’s just that there is something impure and bloodcurdling about their blank, heartless stares and misleading, demonic smiles.

Their names? Depending on the outcome of a vote, the Euro 2012 mascots will be named either Slavek & Slavko, Siemko & Strimko or Klemek & Ladko, which does absolutely nothing to take away from the cold dread I feel when gazing upon these hell-spawned demon seeds.

According to the report in the Toronto Star, one of these ghoulish beasts is sporting the soccer uniform for Poland and the other has donned the uniform for the Ukraine, which makes sense, as the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship will be hosted by those countries between June 8 and July 1, 2012.

Some of you may disagree with my supposition that whatever these creatures are eventually named, they are pure, unmitigated evil. Look at those cold, soulless eyes. That poor kid who was trotted out with them in Warsaw at the unveiling ceremony? Yeah, he’s going to have problems.

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