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We Hacks Can Sympathize With This Guy Struggling To Get Out Of A Pot Bunker

(Warning: some salty language at beginning of video)

This delightful video comes courtesy of Wei Under Par and the site’s new feature, “Best Crappy Shots,” where they ask readers to send in video evidence documenting their troubles hacking away around the course in order to “celebrate the best of our most godawful golf shots.” Brilliant idea.

Below is the description of the comically epic ordeal this guy had trying to get out of a pot bunker:

Every year since the opening of Bandon Dunes, there’s been a group of us ranging from 12 to 64 guys heading down for a weekend in January.

I’ll set the stage…the individual you are about to set your eyes on is a 15 handicapper named ‘Smoke’. Unfortunately, we missed his first 3 cracks at getting out of the sod faced bunker on #12 at Bandon Dunes. Smoke is one of the elder statesman in the group that enjoys a cigar, always has a bet going & his favorite word is PRESS.

Oh man. That’s horrible, but believe me, I know exactly what that guy went through. That’s why I am eagerly anticipating seeing the snow fly outside my window. That’s the good thing and bad thing about living in a region where you can’t golf year-round: if your game is in shambles, at least you can take a few months off and not have your weekends ruined by your horribly inept golf game. And boy, do I know all about that condition right now. Lately, it’s like I’ve never swung a club before in my life.

So come on, Minnesota skies: snow! Please! I can’t afford to wrap another hybrid around a tree. Okay, I’ve never done that, but I’m getting close. Stupid golf.

Best Crappy Shots: Bandon Bunker Rage Edition (NSFW) [Wei Under Par]