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Yeah, It Might Be High Time To Put Lou Holtz Out To Pasture

Lou Holtz, God love him, is sadly beginning to display troubling signs of senility. In fact, the presumed debilitating condition afflicting Holtz may be finally taking its toll on the 73-year-old member of college football royalty, ravaging the ESPN analyst’s ability to clearly understand what in the hell is going on around him and subsequently be able to speak coherently and lucidly on any given subject. Well, allow me to rephrase that, Coach Lou – in particular what he had to say recently to the Chicago Tribune regarding the likelihood of Notre Dame returning to college football prominence and why Notre Dame’s football program may “have more going for them than they ever have,” appears to be even more disconnected from reality than what we have come to expect from the old coot. To wit (via Chicago Breaking Sports):

(please put on metaphorical internet face spit shield helmets now)

“There is absolutely no reason whatsoever that they can’t be even more dominant than they’ve ever been,” Holtz told the Tribune on Wednesday. “It’s a beautiful campus. They now allow the (recruits) to visit in the spring, not in January and December when we (coached at Notre Dame). You have got a football facility… unbelievable practice areas. You have as nice of facilities as anybody in America. You’ve got a great academic institution. And the (football) schedule is much more conducive to winning than it has been. You’ve got a beautiful stadium. You’ve got the NBC contract….

“You tell me, and I mean this sincerely… because I’m not the brightest guy in the world… but what in the world would you want in order to build a national power that Notre Dame does not have?….My goodness gracious, I think they have more going for them than they ever have.”

My goodness gracious, indeed, Coach Holtz. What is going on in that little old head of yours? Granted, Notre Dame has incredible facilities, a rich history and is a top notch academic institution…but it always has had those things going for it. But in spite of all these wonderful aspects, nothing has helped change the sad state of Fighting Irish football over the past decade. All I can surmise from Holtz’s meandering, nonsensical thoughts above is that the sky in his world is most certainly Madonna Blue and Papal Gold. Come back to reality, Lou. We are all deeply concerned about you and where this is headed.

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