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Randy Moss Wraps Up Odd Sit Down With Media With ‘Super Bowl Shuffle’ Lyrics

Shockingly, Randy Moss was benevolent enough to allow the Tennessee media to bask in his temperamental glory for a few minutes on Wednesday, even fielding a few questions along the way, although he did so in his trademark petulant fashion (no word on whether or not there was a “Kneel before Zod” moment before Moss addressed the media). But what I found most interesting was how Moss ended his typically terse interaction with reporters: a curious, veiled reference to the “Super Bowl Shuffle” (via The Tennessean):

“I’m going to say it again; I’m not coming here to start no trouble.  I’m just coming here to work every day and hopefully win.  Thank you.”

He’s not going there to start no trouble? Man, it would have been sweet if Moss would have instead wrapped it up with, “I’m not coming here to start no trouble, I’m just here to do the Super Bowl Shuffle,” and then, instead of saying “thank you,” busted out a few funky dance moves, preferably “The Robot” or “The Funky Chicken.” Yeah, that would have been sweet.

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