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Photo: Who Knew Impromptu Body Cavity Searches Were Allowed In Soccer?

That. Is. Priceless. In a completely inappropriate, awkward, squirming sort of way.

I hope Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez at least had the good sense to put on a rubber glove before performing this uncomfortable medical procedure Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand. And what are Tevez’s credentials exactly? Is he a licensed proctologist? So many questions, yet there is absolutely no reason why we need to know the answers to them. Further, I would speculate by the look on his face that Ferdinand is an unwilling participant in this improvised rectal exam, but notice how he is using the ball to give Tevez a better angle in which to…

Okay, I can’t go on. Let’s just leave it at that, shall we? What’s that? The damage has already been done? Try telling that to Ferdinand.

[H/T to Jimmy Traina at Hot Clicks]