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Joakim Noah Thinks Kevin Garnett Is A Bad Man, A Very Bad Man

The tremendous amount of goodwill Kevin Garnett has accumulated over his long and successful career has been taking some hits over the past few weeks, originally stemming from Charlie Villanueva’s allegations that KG referred to him as “a cancer patient” during a game between the Celtics and the Pistons on November 2nd. And that might be just the beginning of open season for taking shots at Garnett’s integrity and the perception of how he is viewed by his colleagues in the NBA, as evidenced by Joakim Noah’s recent statements regarding the Celtics superstar, escalating their already simmering feud by referring to the Celtics forward as “a very mean guy. Noah also added that KG should not expect a Christmas gift from the Bulls’ big man this coming holiday season. That’s cold-blooded, man.

Via ESPN Chicago:

“Kevin Garnett will not — will not — get a Christmas gift from me,” Noah said with a tinge of humor Wednesday on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000. “I don’t like him.

“He’s a very mean guy. Where’s the love? None at all. Ugly, too.”

Ugly? Those are fighting words! And the “Where’s the love” reference? Who knew Noah was a Hanson fan? I didn’t, but I guess I can see it – the guy is a bit flaky, after all. Either way, Noah clearly understands that love makes the world go ’round and ’round and…

Um, moving on from that Hanson-related awkwardness, Noah was not yet finished with his diatribe against the trash-talking loudmouth Wednesday:

“I had his poster in my room,” Noah said. “I used to wear his jersey. And the truth is my rookie year, I was in admiration of this guy, and he kind of shut me down.

“And he was very mean to me my rookie year. And he’s only mean to the young guys and the [European players], for some reason. I don’t know why, but that’s who he doesn’t like. He’s not nice. I talk a lot of trash out there, but c’mon, be a little sensitive. Be sweet.”

Come on, KG. Where’s the love, man? Don’t make Noah MMMBop you one. Or whatever.

Joakim Noah dislikes Kevin Garnett [ESPN Chicago]
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