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Here’s ‘Serious’ Journalist Ines Sainz Plying Her Trade (In Knee-High Boots, Miniskirt)

Now that’s what I call dressed for success! Ladies and – ah, who am I kidding? – Just the gentlemen, that’s how a serious journalist gets gussied up for hot – but serious – journalistic action. I mean, let’s see Jeremy Schapp or Al Bernstein try pulling that outfit off. Ain’t going to happen, my friends. What? I’m only going off what Top Rank President Todd duBoef had to say about his organization choosing to hire Ines Sainz to cover this coming Saturday’s Manny Pacquiao – Antonio Margarito fight at Cowboys Stadium over a much more qualified, much more ugly journalist.

From The Fabulous Forum (via The Big Lead):

“[I]t’s everything we’re doing with this sport to broaden our horizon, bring people in who might not usually care about boxing.

“We could’ve got a Jeremy Schaap or Al Bernstein, but that’s been done every time,” he said. “Ines is obviously pleasing to the eye, and we’re repositioning our sport to hit all markets, to make us more contemporary.”

Fair enough. At least give Top Rank credit for being up front and honest as to the reasons behind why they elected to go with eye candy instead of, um brain candy? Yeah, let’s go with that – it reminds me of the Kids in the Hall movie of the same name, which is never a bad thing.

But we would be remiss if we did not at the very least allow Sainz the opportunity to demonstrate her reporting acumen and drop some boxing knowledge on the drooling masses:

“Margarito is the strongest, the tallest and has more punching power,” Sainz said. “I think this fight is all about Manny’s speed. The fans I talked to earlier today truly believe Margarito will pull a surprise, but most of them were from Mexico.

“I’m very excited to be here.”

As are we, Ms. Sainz. And speaking of Brain Candy, Ines Sainz must be hitting the Gleemonex pretty hard, because here’s what she had to say about her choice of attire and overall style:

“My style is friendly and fresh,” Sainz said.

Yep. It is most certainly seventy-two degrees in Ines Sainz’s head… all the time.

Ines Sainz weighs in on Pacquiao-Margarito [The Fabulous Forum (via The Big Lead)]

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