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Genius! Pennsylvania Constables Using Steelers Van To Serve Arrest Warrants

Not actual van used in services of warrants

Criminals, especially those seedy individuals on the lam who are avoiding service of process, can be a crafty bunch, which makes the jobs of Pennsylvania constables Hubie Coleman and Albert “Rocky” Younkin an often tricky endeavor. According to Hubie and “Rocky” (hey yo), folks routinely avoid opening their doors when the constables attempt to serve arrest warrants upon them, often because their constable cruiser resembles a police car.

Enterprising individuals that they are, Coleman and Younkin came up with a brilliant idea: after seeing a van all tricked out in honor of the beloved Steelers at a local car dealership, they decided to ask the owner of the van if they could use it to see if it would make their difficult jobs a bit easier by tricking the people they were trying to serve into coming outside.

Guess what? It worked like a charm. Via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

“It’s been working great,” Coleman said. “We sit outside and lay on the horn, and they come out. They’re interested and curious.”

The interest didn’t end after the individuals found out they’d been had, either.

“One guy tried to buy the van off of us,” Younkin said, adding that he named their new tactic “The Fayette County Constables Do the End Around,” referring to a trick football play.

Unfortunately, they only used the van for one day – Wednesday. It would only be a matter of time before word quickly spread among the criminal element in their jurisdiction, effectively blowing their cover and rendering the benefits of showing up in a Steelers van useless. But they will always have their memories of the one day when they rolled through the streets, taking out scofflaws one by one. All thanks to their trusty Steelers van.

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