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You Can Tell Jason Garrett Means Business: He Made The Cowboys Practice…Hard

"Look at me! I am deadly serious! I am literally pissing intensity as I stand before you!"

Well, well, well. If Cowboys players thought they were going to lollygag and half-as their way through the balance of the season on the way to the 2-14 record, they better think again: they are going to practice hard on the way to that 2-14 record.

That’s right: the Cowboys showed up for practice this morning with Jason Garrett fully installed at the helm and they likely learned something very quickly about their new interim head coach: No More Mr. Nice Guy. Reports didn’t indicate whether or not Garrett dressed up like Alice Cooper to strike fear in the hearts of the players, but he did put them through a grueling practice: IN FULL PADS EVEN! That’s just like training camp, people.

Via ESPN Dallas:

Not only were the Cowboys in full pads, but players jogged to team stretching exercises during the 20 minutes the media was allowed to watch practice on Wednesday.

“Everybody moving, everybody moving,” Garrett yelled out to the players under a clear, sunny day.

As the special teams drills were going on, Garrett barked out to several players.

Man, this guy ain’t messing around. While I cannot confirm this, I do have it on good word that several Cowboys players took the full pads policy a step further and inserted maxi pads into their jocks, lest they inadvertently shart themselves as the shook in fear in presence of their no-nonsense leader after the casual, freewheeling approach of their previous coach. You know what? With Garrett leading them, the Cowboys might even be able to eke out three victories this season. How ’bout ‘dem Cowboys!!

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