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The Bell Dongs For Thee: Woman Charged With Stealing Grady Sizemore’s Nude Pics

Remember the infamous Grady Sizemore Coffee Cup Dong photo, among others, which were somehow leaked and disseminated on the interwebs almost one year ago? Of course you do, because that’s how you roll. Well, a woman in Minnesota has been arrested and charged with hacking into Brittany Binger’s various online accounts, including her e-mail, to illegally procure the photos. Binger was the Indians outfielder’s  girlfriend at the time (as well as Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for June 2007 – rawr).

Well, apparently nothing is private anymore, as nineteen-year-old Leah M. Ayers, of Minnesota, has been charged with two counts of unauthorized computer access, a gross misdemeanor.

From a Star Tribune report (via Hardball Talk):

Somebody had accessed Binger’s e-mail account four times in August 2009 to steal the photos, court papers say.

A complaint filed in Dakota County District Court says Ayers’ laptop was used to view Binger’s Facebook, Twitter and MySpace accounts, and that personal information on those sites could have been used to change Binger’s password and access her account in August 2009.

Binger told police that she does not know Ayers and that the photos could only have come from Binger’s e-mail account or the cell phone that was used to send them to her.

Police “used a series of search warrants of and Frontier Communications records and postings to trace the hacker’s Internet protocol address” to Ayers’ parents’ home in Apple Valley, Minnesota.

Computers, man. And the internet, too. But isn’t it true that if you set your privacy settings to high on the ironclad security mechanisms offered by Internet Explorer that anything you do on the internet is completely private and safe? Who would think that sending photos of yourself in varying stages of undress – including an “arty” Dong In Coffee Cup pictorial – across the ‘tubes could initiate a disastrous sequence of events where these racy pictures would somehow end up in the wrong hands? Damn interwebs, with its overly-complex security protocols and high-tech thingamajobbers and whatnots. Yeah, I bet that Binger bimbo probably never deleted her cookies, either. Sad.

Charge: Apple Valley woman hacked Playboy playmate, stole nude pics of MLB star [Star Tribune (via Hardball Talk)]