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Blasphemy! Lincoln Financial Field Named Most Vegetarian-Friendly Stadium In NFL

Even worse? The Linc was named the most vegetarian-friendly stadium by that terrorist organization, PETA. Horrible. How could this happen in the Holy Land of Cheesesteaks? Go to hell, PETA. Keep your neo-fascist opinions out of my National Football League!

Apparently – and sadly – the Linc’s designation as vegetarian-enabling is warranted. From uwishunu (via The700Level):

The title is well-deserved as “The Linc” offers a variety of vegetarian options, including veggie burgers, mock chicken sandwiches and veggie cheesesteaks all “coming off the grill faster than DeSean Jackson in the open field”, as PETA accurately and eloquently states in their ranking.

Shameful. This cannot stand, citizens of Philadelphia. I mean, veggie cheesesteaks? Puh-leeze. How can any self-respecting, animal flesh-eating Philadelphian stand idly by and allow this to happen? I’m surprised that whenever some dolt orders one of these crimes against meat from a Lincoln Financial Field concession stand they aren’t beaten to near-death with it. And what the heck is a mock chicken sandwich? I got something for you to mock right here!

(points at disgusting tofu burger, which I am holding directly in front of my crotch)

Yeah, that’s right. I went out of my way to purchase a tofu burger just so I could it use it as a prop in my “Mock Chicken” bit. Prop comedy is the future of internet humor, folks. You don’t have to see the routine to enjoy it.

PETA Names the Eagles’ Lincoln Financial Field the Most Vegetarian-Friendly Stadium in the NFL [uwishunu (via The700Level)]