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Bart Scott Tries To Rip Lions Coach Jim Schwartz, Ends Up Looking Like An Idiot

There’s apparently some bad blood between the Jets linebacker Bart Scott and the Detroit Lions organization, and while Scott may feel that his anger is well-warranted, when a player on a Super Bowl-caliber team is picking fights with the coach for a franchise as beleaguered and miserable as the Lions, that player should realize it is completely unnecessary and pointless, kind of like punching a quadriplegic in the nuts.

Ugly imagery of someone abusing a paralyzed person aside, Bart Scott is evidently pissed off at the Lions due to some supposed dirty play during Sunday’s game. Scott accused the Lions of being the dirtiest team he has ever played against, also adding:  “I swear to God, I hope I see them again,” presumably so he could exact his revenge. When informed of Scott’s allegations, Lions head coach Jim Schwartz tersely replied, “consider the source.” Oh, it’s on.

And on it was, because when Scott heard about what Schwartz said about what Scott said originally (is this high school?), Scott just couldn’t help himself (via the New Jersey Star-Ledger):

“We’re playing the Browns man, I ain’t going to oblige him,” Scott said. “He’ll be watching TV in January, I don’t got nothing to say to him.

“Listen, I won’t have to play Detroit for another four years, I could care less what that man has to say. He don’t even exist to me anymore. Does it really matter? I don’t have to see him ever again. Am I going to see him at the Super Bowl? Playoffs? Probably not. In the parking lot? What do you want me to say? Why would I care. I never have to see him again. Ever.”

Yes, Mr. Scott, Jim Schwartz, the head coach of woebegone Lions, will in fact be watching TV in January, just like every Lions coach has since 1999. But by Scott being clearly being affected by something Schwartz offhandedly said while insisting he doesn’t give rip yet expounding upon it for some time…well, all of that doesn’t quite jibe. Although I will give Scott credit for deducing that it is highly unlikely that the Jets will be meeting the Lions in the playoffs anytime soon. What with the different conferences and everything.

But here’s the rub, Scott: if you and your teammates are left watching TV in February, with all the smack tack and chest-thumping your team has developed into something of an art form this season, the Jets will be the ones left with egg on their face, not Jim Schwartz. And Scott will be the one left wondering where it all went wrong and why he wasted his time getting into a pointless pissing match with the coach for the lowly Lions.

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