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Sights You Can’t Unsee: Saskatoon Blades’ ‘Not Really Denim But Look Like It’ Jerseys

Hoo boy. Those guys look thrilled. Methinks they would have preferred to have their hair set on fire instead of modeling these atrocities.

Last week, the Sportress regaled you readers with a little story about how the WHL’s Saskatoon Blades are donning denim-inspired hockey jerseys for their November 12th game against the Portland RiverHawks. Apparently, the purpose of wearing the above denim-like nightmares – other than perpetuating the stereotype that denim is an integral component of the so-called Canadian Tuxedo – was to honor the upcoming Professional Bull Riders (PBR) Canadian Finals which are to be held at the Credit Union Centre in Saskatoon the following week (note: I originally suspected that “PBR” stood for Pabst Blue Ribbon, which would have made a lot of sense, given the choice of attire – I was wrong).

Word has been passed along courtesy of the renowned Puck Daddy that the designer of these jerseys is a company named ProJoy, and how impressed are we with their efforts on these bad boys. Crap, even the team itself is keenly aware of the fact that the above sweaters will never be deemed as a popular, much admired fashion statement, let alone something that won’t be mocked and ridiculed mercilessly. From an article in the Montreal Gazette (via Puck Daddy):

“Some people aren’t necessarily loving these things,” Blades staffer Michael Scissons said with a smile, “but we never went out to design the nicest jersey in the world. We went out to design an event-specific, fun jersey. We knew that it wasn’t going to rank in the top-10 nicest jerseys of all-time.

“(Reaction) has been split,” said Scissons. “Some people don’t like it and some people think it’s the best thing. We’re just looking to have a good night against an outstanding opponent.”

Boy, I’d like to meet the mouthbreathers who think those jerseys are the best thing. In any event, it’s hardly a ringing endorsement. I bet all the organizational support shown by the Blades’ front office is incredibly encouraging to the folks over at ProJoy. Thanks for nothing, except for humiliating our players, ProJoy. If I were them, I wouldn’t expect a Christmas card from the Saskatoon Blades this holiday season.

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