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S.O.B.’s Wild Kingdom: Deer Crashes Through Windshield, Rear Window, Somehow Survives

Via KARE-11:

Chris and Sue Blake and their 17-year-old daughter Olivia didn’t set out to bag a deer on the first day of hunting season. Unfortunately the deer found them.

“I remember another car in the other lane coming toward me and literally that’s all I remember,” said Chris Monday night from his bed at Hennepin County Medical Center.

The Blakes, from New Ulm, were headed out for Pizza Saturday evening on Hwy. 68 in Blue Earth County, when an oncoming Ford Taurus struck a deer directly in front of them. The small buck went airborne and flew onto the hood of the Blake’s Pontiac Vibe.

“It came right through the windshield and actually t-boned me in the face,” said Chris.

But the buck didn’t stop there. It glanced off sue in the passenger seat, scratching her face and bruising her shoulder, then smacked Olivia in the face as she sat behind her mom in the back seat. Still the deer had enough momentum to go through the back window and out of the car.

“In my 20 years with the patrol I think this is the first time that I’ve had a deer come through the windshield, go all the way through the car and then out the back,” said the investigating officer, Trooper Mark Fahning of the Minnesota State Patrol.

You see? This is exactly why we hunt these dangerous beasts. They are a menace, people. Clearly, this deer had a death wish and wanted to take some humans out in the process. I blame the internet. And video games.

New Ulm family battered as deer flies in and out of car [KARE-11]