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Go Play Intramurals, Brother, Yadda Yadda Yadda: So Long, Dan Hawkins

Colorado athletic director Mike Bohn confirmed earlier this morning rumors which have been running rampant ever since the Buffaloes’ epic collapse on Saturday in a 52-45 loss against Kansas: head coach Dan Hawkins has been fired. The fiery coach finished with a substandard 19-39 record and assistant coach Brian Cabral will serve as interim coach for the remainder of the season.

Bohn’s statement (via The Denver Post):

“We collectively believed that it was important to provide the opportunity for Dan as head coach and his current staff to pull things together, and things looked bright just one month ago after we opened with a 3-1 record,” Bohn said in the release. “However, things have gone downhill from there. While we recognize the progress that we have made in several areas during nearly five years under Dan, the negativity and divisiveness that is associated with the current leadership has become detrimental and is beyond repair to our current enterprise and it’s time to make a change.”

Articulate and respectful to Coach Hawkins, but I wonder how the canned coach is handling it.

Hawkins, to his credit, appears to be taking the high road regarding his unceremonious dismissal at thisĀ  time:

“I’ve met some tremendously special people and had some fantastic experiences during my time here at Colorado,” Hawkins said in the school’s release. “Unfortunately, I was not able to bring the wins that so many Buff faithful wish for and deserve. My biggest pain comes from not being able to see the joy and happiness on our players faces on more occasions following a victory. CU has a great group of young men running out behind Ralphie every Saturday, those guys have worked very hard in the classroom, off the field, and on the field and have earned the right to win. I want the Buffs to experience that special feeling.

“I’d like to thank all the great people who surround and support the program, and especially those people on our staff who touch the players on a day-to-day basis; they are special,” Hawkins added. “Please come out and support the University f Colorado football program and the players in the last two home games, as well as on the road in Lincoln, they need and deserve your encouragement. In the future I wish nothing but the best for CU as it moves in to the Pac-12, I hope everyone concerned with the program will pitch in and support the program on the path to another national championship.”

So there you have it. Everyone involved is thankful, appreciative and more or less, as satisfied with the outcome as reasonably possible. So let us, for one last time, make the obligatory “Go play intramurals, brother” reference and put this comically inept coaching tenure to rest. It sure was fun while it lasted. For us, at least. I cannot speak for all the Colorado Buffaloes fans out there, but they are probably letting out a great bigĀ  sigh of relief right about now. Although I reckon the relief expelled in a typical sigh in Boulder probably has left relief per molecule due to that thin Colorado air, so perhaps it would be advisable for them to inhale again and let out two sighs.

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