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Columnist: Jason Garrett Is A Good Fit For Cowboys Head Coach As He Was Bred For It

From Matt Crosman’s column, “All in the family: Garrett bred to coach Cowboys,” in Sporting News:

When new Cowboys coach Jason Garrett was 4 years old, his parents bought an 11-bedroom house in Monmouth Beach, N.J., across the street from the Atlantic Ocean with a beautiful view of the beach and the water. The view is gone now, swallowed up by a development. But the impact of Garrett’s time there remains.

Garrett’s dad, Jim, spent a lifetime coaching and scouting in college and the NFL. He worked all over the country, but every summer the family would return to that house by the water, where Jason and his three brothers spent hundreds of hours playing in the field adjacent to the house across the street from the ocean.

As the boys got older, Jim Garrett started inviting his players to run drills on the field. That grew into a summer tradition, a veritable free football camp populated by current and soon-to-be NFL players from Dino Hall to Pat Moriarty to Sam Mills and Miles Austin.

Well, I can certainly see that. A young boy spending his formative years at his daddy’s knee absorbing time-tested knowledge regarding the intricacies of the hard work, effort and integrity it requires to be a successful coach and leader of men. While Garrett is the interim head coach of the Cowboys for the balance of the season, and depending on how he performs the rest of the way, could very well be the Cowboys coach next season. But if Garrett’s performance is subpar and is not kept on next season, I only wonder if Jerry Jones will do his due diligence when seeking out a permanent replacement and bear in mind the coaching acumen and pedigree which can only be passed along down generational lines, as I imagine that Garrett isn’t the only available candidate out there who learned quite a bit about the coaching game from his highly successful and incredibly knowledgeable father…

Just saying.

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