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We Must Protect This Hair? Tom Brady Ditches Nike, Signs Deal With Under Armour

With his deal with Nike expiring over the summer, Tom Brady and his flowing locks have jumped ship, leaving the athletic behemoth to sign a lucrative endorsement deal with up-and-comer Under Armour. Shoulda been you, Pantene.

Not only will he be a contracted endorser of the company’s line of athletic apparel, Brady also now has a financial stake in the company as a shareholder, according to Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank. Via a Peter King report on

“Tom is a shareholder in Under Armour. Equity was a part of our deal. That was important to Tom, that [a stake in the company] was a part of the deal.”

And finally, this little news nugget regarding Tom Brady’s marketability would not be complete without a douchey quote from the pretty boy quarterback:

“Under Armour’s everything I was looking for,” Brady said. “It’s cool. It’s fun. It’s what so many of the kids are wearing, and I like to try to stay cutting-edge. I like the company. I think we’ve got a lot in common. We both want to stay hungry, stay humble.”

Trying to stay “cutting-edge”? Please tell me that he said that somewhat in jest. And “stay hungry, stay humble”? Come on, man. At the same time, when a grown man patterns his hairstyle after a teeny-bopper, I suppose remaining on the cutting edge is a requirement in order to stay hip with the 13-year-old set, although you have to give Brady credit where credit is due for at least having a sense of humor about his stylistic similarities to the tweener phenomenon, as evidenced by his appearance on the Mayne Event on yesterday’s Sunday NFL Countdown:

Ha. Not bad. And for no reason whatsoever other than amusement, here’s that Tom Brady golfing photo:

That photo will never get old, will it? Nope.

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