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Wait, There’s An NBA Player With The Nickname ‘Boobie’? How Have I Missed This?

Usually, you have to get up pretty early in the morning – whatever that means – to sneak an amusing breast reference by ol’ Weed, but apparently I am way late on this one. I was not aware until just a few minutes ago, that there is an NBA player nicknamed Boobie: Cleveland Cavaliers¬† guard Daniel Gibson Yep, and not only that, this fellow has apparently been playing in the NBA for four years already. What the fungus? Why hasn’t by Boobie Sense been tingling simply by this guy’s presence in a professional sports league? Am I slipping? Not as quick on the draw as I have been in the past when a tit joke is just flopping out there for all the world to see and waiting to be gently squeezed so that every drop of milky humor can be extracted from it?

Granted, I don’t follow the NBA as closely as I do the NFL, NHL or the MLB, but come on – the guy goes by Boobie. Boobie, for crying out loud. That’s just the tits, man.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Boobie and Mo working together on court [Cleveland Plain Dealer]