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In Interview, Erin Andrews Talks About New Role On ‘GameDay’ And Making Babies

Erin Andrews recently sat down for an interview with news anchor Gayle Sierens from her hometown television station WLFA (Tampa). Among the topics addressed: her new, expanded role on ESPN College GameDay and how she is trying to accomplish as much professionally as quickly as she can so she can kick back, relax and start pumping out babies.

Well, the classy gal that she is, Miss Andrews discusses the baby-making with much more class and eloquence than I, a troglodytic blogger, could ever aspire to, but in the end, this is Erin Andrews talking about making babies, so please pardon my enthusiasm, however crass it might come across.

Via Tampa Bay Online:

“It’s so humbling and amazing to me to be a part of ‘College GameDay,” Andrews tells Sierens, recalling that when she was a broadcast journalism major at the University of Florida, she “camped out” to get a front row spot when the ESPN pre-game show came to town.

“I was waiting in the front row to get my picture taken with them,” she says in the interview airing at 11 tonight on News Channel 8.

“I am so honored to be the first woman on that show with a regular role,” she says.” And at the same time it’s so difficult. I am trying so hard to keep my head above water and act like I know what I’m doing.”

And now, on to the good stuff: Erin Andrews talking about making babies!

She also tells Sierens that “getting married and having a family” are important goals now. “I didn’t really care about it before because I was so focused on my career,” she says. “I want to do as much as I can now so when it’s time I can settle down and have babies.”

You have my contact information, Miss Andrews. Hey, I’m just throwing it out there – how is that in any way a bad idea? Now, I generally don’t like to toot my own horn, but the facts speak for themselves: I’m relatively young, in good health, extremely witty, devastatingly handsome and believe or not, I’m achin’ for some procreatin’!

Wow, that’s just terrible and I should be ashamed of myself. Please excuse my abysmal behavior and the poor taste I just exhibited. I realize now that it is terribly inappropriate to brag about one’s own good looks. Believe me, I know not what I do.

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