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Am I Really Supposed To Give A Rip That The Cowboys Have Disappointed LeBron James?

Oh, pity poor, poor LeBron James. When is that guy ever going to catch a break? If things weren’t bad enough for him, now he has been completely let down by his favorite football team, the Dallas Cowboys. When it rains, it pours, I guess.

James (pictured above at a Cowboys-Redskins game) made his disappointment about the Cowboys epic fail of a season known via Twitter yesterday with the following two tweets:

“Something has to change around Cowboy land. Some furniture moving asap. This is just ridiculous man!!!!!! C’Mon Son”

“Never thought I’d say this about my Cowboys but they are officially the worst team in the NFL right now even though the Bills are winless!”

Ouch. Worse than the Bills? That’s a low blow, man. I mean, the Bills just got beat by the friggin’ Bears, of all teams.

James was asked about his beloved Cowboys after Monday’s Heat practice (via ESPN Dallas):

“Very tough, man. I’ve never had to change channels when my Cowboys played. I was changing between ‘Eastbound and Down’ and my Cowboys, so I knew I was kind of frustrated at that point.”

Wait. Was  James frustrated that the Cowboys game was interrupting his enjoyment of the Eastbound and Down or the other way around? Because if it was the former and not the latter and James actually enjoys that phenomenal show, I might have him pegged all wrong.

At the same time, why am I supposed to care that James is so disappointed in the Cowboys? Shouldn’t he be a fan of the Dolphins now anyway? And is this how it’s going to be with LeBronomania?  Is the media intend on poring over the excruciating minutia, of every, single, daily event and opinion of LeBron? Am I contributing to the very same problem I am bitching about by writing something about the fact that someone else is writing about something I think doesn’t need to be written about? Should I keep asking inane questions with little purpose, reason or point? Maybe.

Man, my head hurts now. Thanks for nothing, LeBron James. It’s all your fault.

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