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Sonics Mascot Squatch Was At Thunder-Blazers Game Holding ‘Homeless’ Sign

Ha. Well played, guy in mascot uniform for transplanted franchise.

Man, you have to feel for those poor Sonics fans, an incredibly devoted and passionate bunch when they, you know had a team to root for and support. It must suck to watch the team you spent all those years supporting beginning to flourish in Oklahoma City, of all places. But what’s done is done and all they are left with are regrets about what should have been. At least they can take solace in the fact that in the Thunder’s visit to Portland, their former squad beat the Trailblazers 107-106 in overtime, although come to think of it, they probably would prefer to see the Thunder lose every single game from here on out.

A side note on the appearance of Squatch: another Sonics legend, Shawn Kemp, was also at the game in Portland last night, only he was holding a sign that read, “Will Slam Dunk For Cash – Child Support Payments For However Many Kids I Got Now Ain’t Cheap.” Yeah, it was a pretty big sign.

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