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Only If He Brings The Machine: Facebook Page Started To Get Brian Wilson On SNL

Suck on it, Betty White.

A Facebook page has been started in an effort to get oddball Giants closer Brian Wilson on Saturday Night Live as a guest host. At the time of this post, the “Brian Wilson Should Host SNL” has 14,375 “likes,” which is well short of the half million Betty White’s SNL Facebook page garnered trumpeting her comedic talents, but the movement to get Wilson to New York is still in its infancy stages, so who knows?

The brief summary for why Wilson should host Saturday Night Live:

Funniest man in baseball deserves to host SNL! Not only is he a dominant closing fireballer, mental assassin and fashion pioneer, he has a hilarious natural wit and charisma.

Mental assassin? Fashion pioneer? Sure, why not? Although while Wilson does indeed have natural wit and charisma, would those unique personality characteristics translate well to live sketch comedy? The fact that his appearance on Jim Rome Is Burning as well as with Chris Rose on FOX’s “The Cheap Seats” were largely improvisational experiments in the absurd on his part certainly would benefit him on live television, we must remember one thing about athletes hosting Saturday Night Live: for every show that was a tremendous success, when the likes of Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzky, Charles Barkley and Peyton Manning hosted SNL, there have been some real duds as well: the awkward shows when Nancy Kerrigan, Jeff Gordon and Lance Armstrong hosted immediately come to mind.

I suppose that’s where The Machine comes in. That sucker will scare you into a bit of awkward laughing. I say run with it, folks. Brian Wilson on Saturday Night Live! YES WE CAN!

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