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Jesus, Enough With The Goddamn ‘Dougie’ Bullcrap Already

Sorry folks, the overhyped “Dougie” bulls**t is so…played. If it wasn’t bad enough that Skip freaking Bayless did the “Dougie” the other day, now Washington Wizards (and Capitals) owner Ted Leonsis has stated that he will do the dance his prized rookie John Wall has made an irritating phenomenon after the first sold out game (one caveat: first sold out game can’t be against the Heat, Celtics or Lakers).

Alright, enough with Dougie crap already. To be honest, I don’t even know how the “Dougie” dance goes. You know why? Because I have never bothered to click play on a video depicting the goddamn dance. Who gives a flying f**k about some ridiculous dance anyway? What a colossal waste of time.

Unless it’s “The Hustle”. Then all bets are off.

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