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Giants Fans: Still Celebrating World Series Victory, Still Stoned Out Of Their Gourds

@SFGiants Even the skies are celebrating our champions. #SFGiants – maricristheband

Whoa. Like far out, man.

A supremely beautiful photograph of an ethereal, dazzling sky, to be sure, but how exactly is this colorful, majestic sky “celebrating” the Giants victory? Granted, I’m not as blazed as the stereotypical San Franciscan hippie/Giants fan who takes photos of the setting (rising?) sun after seeing some crazy, stony stuff in it, but I’m not following this person’s logic. Maybe if I had some Grateful Dead grooving in the background and the hookah stoked, perhaps I’d see it, too.

Although I imagine it is pretty cool if rudimentary stimuli not only enhanced but also coincided with the groovy mellow a person is currently feeling about their beloved baseball team…

(adds cream to coffee, watches as the white cream swirls into the rich, steaming sepia-toned liquid)

“Whoa! It’s like even my coffee is celebrating our champions! Dig it, man. I can’t wait until I add milk to my Fruity Pebbles. Is that going to be a show or what? Go Giants, dude.”