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Denial, Thy Name Is Roy Williams

Oh, Roy Williams, despite your mediocre wide receiver play in the NFL, you truly are a delight as well as a goofball gift that keeps on giving. We have documented numerous times here at the Sportress the occasions when the Cowboys receiver suffered from an outbreak of foot-in-mouth disease, but his latest transgression against good sense was a real doozy (via The Dallas Morning News):

“You know me. I think we can go nine in a row, if you ask me,” Williams said. “People can call me stupid or whatever but this football team has the corps of players and the supporting cast of players to win nine in row. We just got to get it started.”

Thanks for the suggestion, Roy. Allow me to say it first: STUPID! YOU’RE SO STUPID!

But wait, there’s more.

“Nine in a row is going to be tough, especially with the schedule we have,” said Williams. “But if we just take it one game at a time _ just give your best for three hours on a Sunday, just one Sunday out of the week because there’s only one Sunday in a week, then we should be good.”

Tough indeed.  Better yet? The Cowboys only have to give their best for three hours on the one Sunday that comes in a week – because, as Roy astutely points out, there is only one Sunday in a given week. If there were two Sundays in a given week, the Cowboys could totally coast on that one, man.

At the same time, could it happen? Could the Cowboys rattle of nine in row? Sure. Is it going to happen, with their starting, yet overrated, quarterback injured, a beleaguered coach who has never appeared more lost and befuddled than he does right now, among other things? Doubtful. In fact, there’s a better chance that Wade Phillips would pass up an opportunity to show off his stellar dance moves when a  DJ puts on “YMCA.”

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