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After Selling Honus Wagner Card For $262K At Auction, Nuns Be Rich, Yo

Ain’t no party like a convent party because a convent party goes Hail (Mary)!

Alright, that was total weaksauce, but if there ever were a time for a bunch of nuns to throw a stupid dope house (of God – again, sorry) party, it would be right now, because the Baltimore-based Sisters of Notre Dame just sold their Honus Wagner T60 card for an astounding $262,000 at auction, exceeding the estimates of Heritage Auction Galleries, the auction house which handled the sale. The card was sold to card shop nerd Doug Walton of Knoxville, Tenn.

Via CBS Sports:

The nuns will receive $220,000 from the sale. The total sale price includes a 19.5 percent buyer’s premium. Sister Virginia Muller, who was entrusted with the card, says the proceeds will go to the order’s ministries in more than 30 countries around the world.

The heck? Come on, nuns, keep a little of that scratch for yourself. With all their dedication, piety and good works, these ladies have certainly earned it. There would be nothing wrong with setting aside 10,000 big ones for a fun party. As far as parties go, from what I hear, even nuns would have no problem getting back in the habit. Ouch. That one was worse than all the previous horrible jokes in this post combined. Anytime a Sister Act 2 reference is made, 1,000 angels die.

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