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TNA Wrestling Would Like To Put Bullying In A Figure-Four Leglock

While one would assume that professional wrestlers would be last people who would like to sponsor an anti-bullying campaign – wouldn’t you have suspected that boys who grew up to become athlete entertainers in such a brutal “sport” to have been the cretins who dished out punishment to pencil-necked weaklings in their youth? – TNA Wrestling has decided to use its brand to promote measures that would help bring an end to the bullying epidemic currently plaguing this country. Launching this week and dubbed “Eliminate the Hate,” TNA will use all its platforms to promote the movement, including PSAs during broadcasts on SPIKE TV, its website and various social media platforms, including Facebook.

Said TNA Chief Marketing Officer Al Ovadia (via TNA’s official site):

“Everyone at TNA stands firmly behind this new anti-bullying campaign. The bullying must stop, and we want to take a stand. There’s no place in our schools for bullying, be it based on a student’s looks, race, sexual orientation or anything else.”

The realization by TNA that something had to be done about bullying  stems from the revelation that several wrestlers currently performing for TNA were victims of bullying themselves, including Fortune member Kazarian, The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero and Mr. Anderson, who says he was tormented by bullies while growing up in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

“Sadly, bullying is a national problem, and it crosses into all races, religions and every socioeconomic status,” Anderson said. He added a personal note, “Growing up, I was bullied until I was a freshman in high school because I didn’t conform to a group or play sports.  I was open that I liked video gaming and comic books and got picked on for that.  I eventually took Tae Kwon Do and Eskrima lessons because the bullying was relentless and I thought it would come to a fight.  But when the bullies heard I was taking martial arts classes, they backed off.”

OOOOHHH YEAH!!! Wait, that’s Randy “Macho Man” Savage’s bit, not Mr. Anderson’s, whoever he is – with all due respect to TNA, I must apologize – as far as professional wrestling is concerned, I’m stuck in the 80s, but my ignorance shouldn’t take away from the great things TNA is doing with this initiative. And while it would be easy to take on a snarky attitude regarding TNA’s “Eliminate the Hate” campaign, at least they are trying to do something about it, and should be commended for their efforts. While the WWE was throwing obscene amounts of money around desperately trying to get some hag elected to Congress, TNA is instead doing their damnedest to make a positive contribution to society. You know, except for engaging in the sad spectacle that professional wrestling has become. Hey, like I mentioned above, I’m all about King Kong Bundy, Hillbilly Jim, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and the Junkyard Dog. Not to sound like an old fuddy duddy, but man, those were the days.