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Sidney Crosby Will Fight You If You Don’t Like Dempster’s WholeGrain Bread

With his team down three goals in the second period, Sidney Crosby elected to let his fists do the talking instead of his whiny mouth, going toe-to-toe with Stars defenseman Matt Niskanen, and as much as I hate to say it, fared pretty well and gave a good accounting of his rarely-used pugilistic skills. Unfortunately, the display of fisticuffs by the Penguins captain – one of four fights in the first two periods – did not go on to inspire his teammates, as Pittsburgh fell to Dallas by the score of 5-2.

The impressive display of punches thrown by the petulant (I’m contractually obligated to refer to Crosby as “petulant” anytime he is mentioned) superstar may have had something to do with Crosby’s bum-rushing of an unsuspecting fight opponent. At least that’s the excuse Niskanen is going with (via SI/AP):

“I never saw that coming,” Niskanen said. “We were up 4-1, he was trying to get the team going a little bit, he asked me to go, and we went. I got him hard once in the helmet, if that counts. But he’s very strong on his skates and he probably had the upper hand a little bit.”

The fight between Niskanen and Crosby was two short seconds after Stars captain Brenden Morrow and Kris Letang mixed it up.

“Morrow went after Letang there, so it was just a response, sticking up for Tanger,” Crosby said. “I don’t think you really need to fight him there, but that’s all it was.”

Sorry, Sid the Kid, I ain’t buying it. There had to be something more behind the reason why he went after Niskanen, which was only Crosby’s fifth documented fight of his NHL career. Perhaps it had something to do with Niskanen not being terribly impressed with Crosby’s wooden acting and lackadaisical voiceover work in a commercial for Dempster’s WholeGrain Bread, which follows below:

Via Puck Daddy:

Ouch. Crosby was not really showing off his acting chops there, was he? I can see a player calling Sidney out for that horrible commercial. Either that or Niskanen is just more of a pumpernickel guy.

Eriksson’s 2 goals lead Stars past Penguins [SI/AP]