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Return Of The Moobs, Perhaps? Phil Mickelson Ready To Ditch Vegetarian Diet

Earlier this year, Phil Mickelson disclosed that he was suffering with psoriatic arthritis. To treat the condition, FIGJAM’s doctors recommended that he go on a strict vegetarian diet, something that Mickelson agreed to do, but was likely unhappy about it, given his predilection for fatty foods, like Krispy Kreme and Five Guys, a fast food burger joint of which he is co-owner.

Not surprisingly, as the medication he has been taking has begun to improve his condition, Mickelson has begun to have second thoughts about his crappy vegetarian diet – not that any red-blooded, meat-eating, taste-enjoying person can blame him.

From an insightful article regarding Mickelson’s improving health on (via Wei Under Par):

“I’ve been doing it for just over four months and I’m just having second thoughts,” he said. “I don’t know if it really is going to make a difference or what. So we’ll see. We can talk about it in January, and I’ll have a better idea – see how the holidays go.”

Who else out there is giving Mickelson absolutely zero chance of maintaining his vegetarian diet through the holidays? My guess is Thanksgiving dinner at the Mickelson household might play out a little something like this:

Well, that’s just terrible. If he is really going to take dining advice from a poorly edited YouTube video (why do people insist on doing this?) of a non sequitur from Family Guy, he should be ashamed of himself. Come on, Phil Mickelson, you’re better than that.

Phil Mickelson enters HSBC Champions in good shape, excited for future [ (via Wei Under Par)]